245 E Rainbow Blvd (Hwy 50) Suite 7

 Narda     WOP SSIC                Monday        5:00       $35*

Deb        Adult TX Court         Tuesday      10:00a      $35*

Deb        DUI L2 Education      Tuesday      12:00       $35*

​ Deb        DUI L2 Therapy       Wednesday    5:00       $35*

 Deb        DUI L2 Therapy       Wednesday     7:00     $35*

​​*Book fee of $20 due at first group 

​(Updated: 04/13/18)


201 West 6th Street

(Bastanta Building, Side of big red brick building)

 ​Carlos           DUI L2 Therapy         Tuesday    3:00        $35*

 Carlos           DUI L2 Education      Tuesday    5:00        $35*

 Carlos           DUI L2 Therapy         Tuesday    7:00        $35*

 Carlos           DUI Court RPG          Friday       5:30        $35

 Carlos           DUI L2 Therapy SP    Friday       6:30        $35*

 Carlos           DUI Court ERS           Friday       8:30        $35

​​*Book fee of $20 due at first group​ 

​(Updated: 08/16/18)


212 E. Chambers Ave

(Between Paint Bucket & Gourmet China)

 Shawna    DUI L2 Therapy       Tuesday        5:30       $35* (full)

 Shawna   DUI L2 Education      Tuesday        7:30      $35*​ (full)

 Kris         DUI L2 Therapy     Wednesday       3:00     $35* (full)

 Kris         DUI L2 Education   Wednesday      5:00      $35* (full)

 Kris         DUI L2 Therapy     Wednesday       7:00     $35*(full)

 ​Shawna    DUI L2 Therapy       Saturday      10:00a    $35*

Shawna    DUI L2 Education      Saturday         1:30    $35*

​​​​*Book fee of $20 due at first group​​ 

​(Updated: 10/17/18)

Alpine Springs Counseling​ offers classes in Colorado mountain locations near you for Colorado DUI Level 2, both education and therapy.  Instructed by state certified substance abuse and addiction counselors, classes are centered around alchohol and substance abuse, treatment, self-management, and court ordered competencies.  Please see the information below for a list of the DUI classes that are offered at Alpine Springs Counseling.

DUI Class Locations and Times


1202 Summit Blvd

(Baymont Inn, Behind Front Desk)

 Michelle           DUI L2 Therapy     Tuesday     5:30       $35*

 Michelle           DUI L2 Education  Tuesday     7:30       $35* (full)

 Michelle           DUI L2 Education  Wednesday 5:30      $35*

 Michelle           DUI L2 Therapy     Wednesday 7:30      $35* (full)

 Andrea             DUI L2 Therapy     Thursday    9:00a    $35*

 Carlos               DUI L2 Edu Sp       Thursday    5:00      $35*

 Carlos               DUI L2 TX Sp         Thursday    7:00      $35​​*

​*Book fee of $20 due at first group​ 

​(Updated: 02/14/18) 

Idaho Springs

1630 Miner St. #208

(Use Back Entrance,Front Closes at 5:00)

 Carlos             DUI L2 Education         Monday     5:00       $35*

 Carlos             DUI L2 Therapy           Monday      7:00       $35*

​​​​​​*Book fee of $20 due at first group​​

​(Updated: 02/14/18)


161 W. Beaver Creek Rd,  Room 116

(Comfort Inn,  Next to Post Office)

      Kris   DUI ED                Monday       5:00          $35*         Kris   DUI Therapy        Monday       7:00          $35* (full)


   Kris   DUI L2 Therapy   Tuesday       8:00a        $35* (full)    

Kris   DUI L2 ED            Tuesday     10:00a        $35* (full)

Kris   DUI L2 Therapy   Tuesday       5:00          $35* (full)

Kris   DUI L2 ED           Tuesday       7:00          $35* (full)

Carlos  DUI L2 Therapy Sp  Wednesday   3:00        $35*

Carlos  DUI L2 ED Spanish  Wednesday    5:00        $35* 

Carlos  DUI L2 Therapy Sp  Wednesday   7:00        $35*​​​​​   

*Book fee of $20 due at first group​

(Updated: 08/16/18)

​​​DUI Level 2 Therapy: Focuses on the cognitive behavior change process and reducing future risk of relapse and recidivism

​​​Glenwood Springs

319 14th St​

(Park in Lot Below City Market Parking Lot)

  Wendy        DUI L2 Therapy          Thursday    9:00a    $35* 

 Wendy        DUI L2 Education       Thursday     5:00     $35*

 Wendy        DUI L2 Therapy          Thursday     7:00     $35*​​ (full)

 Wendy        DUI L2 Therapy           Friday         5:00    $35* (full)
 Wendy        DUI L2 Education        Friday         7:00    $35​*

Wendy         DUI L2 Therapy           Saturday    9:00a   $35*

Wendy        DUI L2 Education        Saturday    11:00a  $35*

*Book fee of $20 due at first group​ 

​(Updated: 08/16/18) 



1530 Railroad Ave

(Next to Chinese Restuarant)

 Linda          DUI L2 Education           Monday  3:00    $35* 

 ​Linda          DUI L2 Therapy              Monday  5:00    $35* 

 ​Linda          SSC/WOP/EOP Male       Monday  7:00    Referral

 Linda         Relapse Prevention         Friday(1st and 3rd) 6:30  Referral

 ​Linda          DUI L2 Education           Saturday 10:00a  $35*

 Linda          DUI L2 Therapy              Saturday  2:30    $35*    


 Linda          SSIC COMCOR                 Sunday     5:00  $35*

​Linda           WOP SSIC Women            Sunday     7:00  Referral

  *Book fee of $20 due at first group ​

(Updated: 02/14/18)


19 Vail Rd

(Vail Chapel, Downstairs classroom)

 Kris          DUI L2 Education        Thursday    5:15         $35*

 Kris          DUI L2 Therapy           Thursday    7:15         $35​​* (full)

​​*Book fee of $20 due at first group​ 

(Updated: 02/14/18)​

Alpine Springs Counseling, 12 mountain locations, 970-945-7858


520 S. 3rd St 

(Third Street Center, Spirit Center)

Pattie      DUI L2 Therapy         Monday        3:00        $35*

Pattie      DUI L2 Therapy         Monday        5:00        $35*

Pattie      DUI L2 Education      Monday        7:00        $35*

​​*Book fee of $20 due at first group 


Please contact the office for intake before starting group 888.215.8940 or 970.945.7858

Buena Vista

109 Brookdale Ave, Suite C

(Brown Building behind Evergreen Cafe)

 ​Narda     WOP SSIC                Tuesday         5:00    $35*​

 Penny    DUI L2 Education      Tuesday         6:30    $35

Penny     DUI L2 Therapy        Wednesday    5:00     $35*

Penny     DUI L2 Therapy        Thursday       5:00     $35*

​​*Book fee of $20 due at first group 

​(Updated: 08/16/18)


501 North Park Avenue

(Sheriff's Office)

Andrea        DUI L2 Education      Monday        5:30       $35*

Andrea        DUI L2 Therapy       Tuesday          5:30      $35*

Andrea        DUI L2 Education     Tuesday         7:30      $35*

​​*Book fee of $20 due at first group 

​(Updated: 04/13/18)

El Jebel

0020 Eagle County Dr

(Eagle Community Center, Same as Probation)

​ Wendy    DUI L2 Therapy        Wednesday    3:00     $35*

 Wendy    DUI L2 Education     Wednesday    5:00     $35*

 Wendy    DUI L2 Therapy       Wednesday     7:00     $35*

​​*Book fee of $20 due at first group 

​(Updated: 08/16/18)

DUI Level 2 Education: Is a 12-week skill-building program which gives clients tools to prevent relapse and recidivism

You Must Register for an Intake first CLICK HERE or Call 888.215.8940 or 970.945.7858