Idaho Springs

1630 Miner St. #208

(Use back entrance, front closes at 5:00pm)

MaryAnne     DV Men             Thursday        5:00         $40​

MaryAnne     DV Women        Thursday        6:30         $40

(Updated: 02/14/18) 


 ​DV Group Locations and Times

 Domestic Violence Offender Treatment: This group explores a Power and Control point of view and

 focuses on integrating and understanding the Core Competencies.  

Alpine Springs Counseling​ offers court ordered and court approved Domestic Violence Counseling Classes in a variety of different mountain locations.  Each of these classes is instructed by a domestic violence counselor that has been certified by the DVOMB to provide domestic violence group and individual counseling. These classes address clients that have been court ordered to attend domestic violence or domestic abuse classes, seek domestic violence counseling, or domestic violence anger management classes.  Please see the information below for a list of the DV classes that are offered at Alpine Springs Counseling.

Glenwood Springs

319 14th Street

(Park in Lot Below City Market Parking Lot)

Jim        DV Men  Spanish      Monday         6:00        $35

Bob        DV Women              Tuesday          10:00a   $35

Janeil     DV Men                  Wednesday      5:00      $35

Janeil     DV Men                  Wednesday      6:30      $35​

(Updated: 02/14/18) 

To set up an Evaluation, call  970.945.7858 or 888.215.8940.

Alpine Springs Counseling, 8 mountain locations, 970-945-7858


201 West 6th St.

(Bastante Building)​

Jason          DV Women           Wednesday       4:00    $30
Jason          DV  Men               Wednesday       5:30    $30

(Updated: 02/14/18) 


212 E. Chambers Ave.

(Between The Paint Bucket & China Gourmet)

 Bob           DV Women         Thursday        3:30        $35

 Bob           DV Men              Thursday        5:00        $35

(Updated: 02/14/18) 


7 Poncha Blvd

(First Presbyterian Church)

MaryAnne   DV Women       Tuesday           3:00          $30
MaryAnne   DV Men            Tuesday           4:30          $30

MaryAnne   DV Men            Tuesday           6:00          $30

​(Updated: 02/14/18) 


161 W. Beaver Creek Rd
(Comfort Inn,  Next to Post Office)

Room 126

 Jason               DV Men                Monday       3:30    $35

 Jason               DV Men                Monday       5:00    $35

 Jason               DV Women           Monday       6:30    $35

Room 116

Jason            DV Women Spanish  Thursday     4:00   $35 Jason            DV Men Spanish       Thursday    5:00    $35

(Updated: 02/14/18) 


1530 Railroad Ave, Suite A

(Near Wells Fargo)

*Times Adjusting February 20th, 2018*

Bob            DV Women        Tuesday          5:00         $35
Bob            DV Women        Tuesday          6:30         $35

Bob            DV Men           Wednesday        6:00         $35

(Updated: 02/14/18)