Pee Van Schedule
Updated 04/27/2017

Monday to Friday

Avon (Avon Police Department); 1 Lake St, Avon
     3:30 PM –   4:45 PM

Leadville (West of Probation, 130 W 5th St)
     6:00 PM --   8:00pm


Leadville (West of Probation, 130 W 5th St)

      10:00 AM --  Noon

Avon (Avon Police Department); 1 Lake St, Avon

       1:00  PM --  2:00  PM    

 ​Collection Locations & Schedules

Alpine Springs Testing, LLC

GWS Testing Sentry Line 970.987.5469

Testing GWS 970.945.8323, ext 3

Leadville Testing Van Sentry Line 970-423-7510

​Testing Van   970.829.7072, ext 4

​Alpine Springs Testing is providing drug testing that often times accompanies requirements for court ordered alcohol classes and Level 2 Alcohol Classes. Our drug and alcohol testing program is offered at our Glenwood Springs office as well as in our Mobile Testing Van drug testing locations.

Glenwood springs  testing office:

Location: 319 14th Street

WEEKDAYS:  9:00A-12:00P & 5:00P-8:00P (Men)

WEEKDAYS:  1:00P-8:00P Mon-Thur (Women)

​                     5:00P-8:00P Fri

WEEKENDS:  9:00A - 12:00P (Men and Women)     

​OFFICE PHONE: 970.945.8323 or 888.215.8940

SENTRY LINE: 970.987.5469   

Test Types:

  • Urine 
  • Oral Swap
  • Hair
  • Breathalizer (BAC)
  • No blood testing
  • No DOT testing

testing van details:

  • The Alpine Springs Collection Van is staring a new route April 1, 2017 and will run daily in the afternoons from Avon to Leadville  
  • Testing both men and women
  • All Avon testing will be by appointment only, Avon clients should call the Van to set a time slot (970.829.7072, ext 4) $25+​$5 surcharge= $30 total   **Drug court and DUI court clients $20+$5 to enter**
  • Leadville clients can continue to use the Leadville Sentry Line (970-423-7510) $25 to test
  • Daily Schedule updated below, or follow @peeparlor
  • Urine sample only.  Not a restroom (no solid waste) 
  • See below for address location
  • Updated 03/26/17