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Zoom DUI L2 Education Group Times


10:00 AM (Dennis) (full)

4:00 PM (Nayeli)(Spanish) (full) 

5:00 PM (Narda) (full)
7:00 PM (Pattie) (full) 
7:00 PM (Dennis) 

5:00 PM (Travis)

7:00 PM (Travis) (full) 


4:00 PM (Nayeli)(Spanish) (¡Nuevo!)

5:00 PM (Travis)

7:00 PM (Travis) (full)


5:00 PM (Travis) 
5:30 PM (Colleen)

7:00 PM (Travis) 

Zoom DUI L2 Therapy Group Times

5:00 PM (Colleen)
5:00 PM (Pattie) 

7:00 PM (Colleen)
7:00 PM (Narda)

8:00 PM (Nayeli)(Spanish) (¡Nuevo!)

​9:00 AM (Colleen)
​5:00 PM (Pattie)
​​5:00 PM (Colleen)

5:30 PM (Nayeli) 
7:00 PM (Pattie)  
​7:00 PM (Colleen) 

7:30 PM (Nayeli) 


4:00 PM (Nayeli)(Spanish) 

5:00 PM (Colleen) 

7:00 PM (Colleen) (full)
7:00 PM (Narda) 
7:00 PM (Garett) (Spanish)

6:00 AM (Narda) ​

3:30 PM (Colleen) 
​7:00 PM (Narda)
7:00 PM (Garett) (Spanish) (full)


8:00 AM (Dennis)

10:00 AM (Dennis)

8:00 AM (Narda) 

Please upload court documents, DRS from another agency, if you have them, etc (​​Cargue sus órdenes judiciales, DRS de otra agencia, etc)
*Click button below and attach files to email - Thank You!

If you are attending for a charge that happened outside of the state of Colorado, STOP and call call 970-945-7858 (Currently suspended, unless you are able to obtain your finger prints on a Red Card from a local Police/Sheriff Station).

  1. Once paperwork completed, you will receive an email (within one to two business days) with information regarding your counselor & intake time. (Una vez completado el papeleo, recibirá un correo electrónico con información sobre su consejero y el tiempo de admisión).

  2. You must attend this intake group before you start treatment, your counselor will help assign you to a group. (​Debe asistir a este grupo de admisión antes de comenzar el tratamiento, su consejero lo ayudará a asignarlo a un grupo).

  3. Please note, there is one book fee for DUI Education books and another book fee if you are attending Therapy. (​Tenga en cuenta que hay una tarifa de libro para los libros de educación de DUI y otra tarifa de libro si asiste a la terapia).

  4. Please use the button below to upload Court Orders, DRS from another agency, etc, so we may better assist. (​Utilice el botón a continuación para cargar órdenes judiciales, DRS de otra agencia, etc., para que podamos ayudarlo mejor). 

Alpine Springs Counseling​ offers classes in Colorado mountain locations near you for Colorado DUI Level 2, both education and therapy.  Instructed by state certified substance abuse and addiction counselors, classes are centered around alcohol and substance abuse, treatment, self-management, and court ordered competencies. Please see the information below for a list of the DUI classes that are offered at Alpine Springs Counseling.

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