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Prime for Life:

We will explore risk and what we can do to reduce our risk so we can protect the things we value most in life. We each decide what we value most; Prime For Life gives us a way to reduce risk for future problems with alcohol and drugs. The program provides research-based information about alcohol and drug risks. We each decide what to do with the information and how much risk we are willing to take.

Prime Solutions:

PRIME Solutions has two major purposes. The first purpose is to help people discover what changes they are willing to make in their alcohol and drug choices. The second purpose is to help develop the tools to succeed.

Bringing Peace to Relationships is an MRT program for domestic violence. MRT has shown its effectiveness in working with a broad range of offenders with results showing significant reductions in participating offenders recidivism up to 20 years of release. The program is a cognitive-behavioral educational approach that confronts batterer's beliefs and behaviors especially focusing on power and control issues. The program is designed to comply with various state and local regulations regarding the treatment of perpetrators of domestic violence and conforms to the power and control issues frequently required.

Content coming soon.

What is Caring Dads?

A 17-week group specifically for men who have abused or neglected their children or exposed them to abuse of their mothers.

Why Caring Dads?

  • Eligibility: Fathers who have physically/ emotionally abused or neglected their children and/or exposed them to woman abuse

  • Focus is on fathers’ accountability for abuse, countering the attitudes linked to abusive and neglectful behaviors and on promoting healthy relationships between fathers and their child and child’s mother

  • Men’s motivation is specifically addressed

  • Service is coordinated in partnership with child protection


What is LifeWorks?

LifeWorks is a 12 week program approved for DUI 4+, DV, and other court ordered treatment. LifeWorks is a Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) model that utilizes strength based positive psychology tenants. It is designed to support clients in their journey to wholeness including pro-social, low risk lifestyle choices.

Topics Include (but are not limited to):

Values, Boundaries, Morals & Ethics, Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset, Communication Skills, Focus and Self-Control, Healthy Relationships, Social Skills - Making Connections, Health & Wellness, Emotion Management, Finances, Career Planning, Goal Setting, Community


IEC is a five month ONLINE program. During that time you are required to attend:

  • One two (2) hour video class a month (total 4 groups/8 hours) no missed sessions

  • One 30 minute individual video session with the counselor each month (total 4 sessions/2 hours) during which Interlock reports are reviewed and discuss any issues/concerns

● You MUST have the interlock in your car before you can start
● You MUST sign a release with the DMV to have your interlock logs sent to Alpine Springs
● You MUST be successful for the entire 5 months to complete the program
o Meaning no or few fails. This process can be extended due to poor performance
o No missed sessions or groups
● The program may be used in conjunction Level II Treatment (Therapy)
o Education and Track A are for information and support purposes only – no credit
o Tracks B, C, D, F IEC hours may be counted towards therapy hours, if clinically

● This training will not shorten length of time with Interlock (See DMV for details)
● Successful completion may mean an additional 10 hours Level II therapy credit
o Track B, C, D, F qualify. Does not apply to Track A or Education only
● You may do this concurrently (in the same week) as Level II therapy
o Track B, C, & D may be completed up to 5 weeks early only if IEC program is
completed successfully. All 5 months must be completed consecutively to receive credit

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